Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-01-2021-So much more I could have added into this teaser..guess youll have to see the full videos..(3) what an incredible evening we had. @dfwkn.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-01-2022-Fifty Shades of Black (hubby_s view) 46 min. I love fucking this tall dark and sexy ass man. Hope you enjoy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-01-2022-Hubby is trying to get the "Cucked video edited and wrapped up so we can let yall see how we are ever growing in this amazing lifestyl.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-02-2021-BEEN MISSING THAT DICK (hubbys view) @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-08-2020-WIFES MASSIVE BULL.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-08-2021-BLACK IS BETTER (tripod view) @jakdieselbbc.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-10-2021-Clip from "New Orleans Airport...COMING SOON..cant even start to explain the incredible feeling when Mike spays my insides with his th.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-10-2021-When he folds me up ? @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-10-2021-"I always miss that dick ..New Orleans Airport vid COMING SOON @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-10-2021-"Take it off clip from my spitroast.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-12-2021-Hot Boy (hubbys view) 1 hr 9 min.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-01-12-2021-We threw something together to show yall how my last date went..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-02-03-2020-Hot Smoking Masturbation.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-02-03-2020-Smokey bj.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-02-07-2020-Aww..I know who aint getting any pussy tonight Lol.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-02-09-2021-THIS AIN_T YOUR PUSSY ANYMORE (NIGHTSTAND VIEW).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-02-10-2021-Stream started at 10 02 2021 02 10 am live 0ct 1 2021.mp4
Flyfiles Video:[email protected] Rd 2 hubbys view.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-03-01-2021-Short clip from the night stand camera where I pulled my panties to the side to take the Knights thic cock in "Ending the year with a bang.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-03-04-2021-His Pussy (tripod view) @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-03-05-2020-Riding on the couch about 7 months ago.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-03-07-2020-Headed home from the gym this morning.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-03-07-2020-I have totally fell in love with the feel of a black cock in my mouth. My pussy starts getting wet at just the thought of all that dark domina.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-03-07-2020-Locked up (short clip).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-03-07-2020-Loved locking hubby up.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-04-01-2021-This is the Tripod view from my last date although I slipped the outside scene in for you guys cause its just to hot to leave out Hope you.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-04-03-2020-Hot smoking sex.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-04-03-2020-Hubby hitting it from behind while we smoking black n milds..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-04-06-2020-FIRST TIME MY PUSSY TOOK A BBC LOAD IN IT (CAMERA 2).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-04-11-2020-Finally got to see my main bull tonight ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-04-11-2020-Turn your volume up and listen whats it like when you aint seen your main bull in awhile ??? @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-04-2020-Watch my juicy ass while I smoke clip.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-06-2020-Hubby loves that juicy black stuffed pussy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-07-2020-......LOCKED UP....... (stationary camera).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-08-2020-Some GoPro footage from "WIFES MASSIVE BULL.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-08-2020-WIFES MASSIVE BULL (GoPro edition).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-08-2021-Im gonna be really busy with someone who is flying in for the next day or 2 ? so Ill go ahead and upload this version for you babes. .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-09-2021-Teaser of whats coming next @dfwknight.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-10-2020-Hubby always following me saying Im thick as peanut butter ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:[email protected]
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-05-12-2021-Black Cock Appreciation Day (tripod view) 57 min thank ya_ll for having your renew on and wanting to continue following our wild lifestyle..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-06-02-2021-The Gentleman (tripod view) 1 of 3 videos.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-06-04-2020-Eat that pussy while I enjoy a cigarette.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-06-07-2020-..LOCKED UP.. Hubbys view.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-06-08-2020-Someone took a lunch break and swung by to see me (BBC Lunch Break).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-06-10-2020-Little teaser from a few hours ago ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-06-10-2021-Laying That Pipe (Hubby_s View) full video Thank you for being a loyal fan and having rebill on to follow more of my adventures..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-06-10-2021-LAYING THAT PIPE (Nightstand View) run time 51 min..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-06-11-2020-Who would have thought married life could be so much fun @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-07-03-2020-One of hubbys favs is me smoking while I ride him.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-07-07-2020-Smoking handjob I did months back.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-07-08-2020-Passion.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-07-08-2021-Just a little teaser from my date the other day. Ive been really busy seeing my bulls some 1 2 times a week here lately..cant wait for y.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-07-09-2021-Labor Day Spit Roast ?(teaser).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-07-11-2020-You can tell in this video just how much I had missed his big cock.? @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-07-11-2020-Yall probably about ready to see some of these full vids hunh I guess Ive teased you guys enough lol. Tomorrow morning around 5 6 am ce.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-07-12-2020-Teaser vid my husband and I put together to go out everywhere. The full video and round 2 will be up shortly. We will continue to put out 1080.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-08-01-2021-Ending the year with a bang (Nightstand View) @dfwknight.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-08-02-2021-I get a lot of request for smoking videos. We are out in Fort Worth doing errands. Wanted to hook up with some BBCs while we here but had i.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-08-06-2020-What them black boys like ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-08-09-2021-BROOKE DFW KNIGHT III (Tripod view).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-08-10-2021-New Orleans Airport (Tripod View) 1hr 10min. @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-08-12-2021-Black Cock Appreciation Day (tripod view) 56 min. This is another spitroast i had recently..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-03-2020-Smoking and sucking.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-03-2020-We both love the feel of nicotine during sex.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-05-2020-A smoking country girl in a big truck.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-07-2021-SICKNESS FOR THE THICKNESS (Nightstand View) @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-08-2020-Mr. Thic leaves hubby a surprise.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-09-2020-We packing up about to head to our room tonight in New Orleans ? My kitty is throbbing for some Bbc @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-11-2020-Clip from rd 3 with @areallyweakguy Full video coming soon.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-11-2021-A clip from a date Im gonna call "Black Cock Appreciation Day.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-11-2021-Labor Day Spitroast (Tripod View) 58 min..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-09-11-2021-Who all loves this view.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-10-02-2021-The Gentleman (Nightstand View).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-10-04-2020-Smoking standing handjob.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-10-04-2021-HIS PUSSY (nightstand view) @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-10-05-2020-Small teaser of my 1st bbc tonight ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-10-07-2021-Sneak peak at a date I call "I love Chocolate @freakydallas.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-10-08-2020-Slow motion so you can see that big cock and my ass bounce lol.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-10-09-2020-I forgot just how good this mfkr felt ? @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-10-12-2020-Telling the Knight to "fill my pussy up Cause theres no better feeling than a thick black cock when it starts twitching inside of me .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-11-02-2021-Hope you guys enjoy it ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-11-06-2020-My "hoe bag with all the needed essentials like baby wipes, lube, a tripod, 2 small tripods, GoPro, tablet for music, co performer agreem.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-11-06-2020-TAGGED TEAMED AND HUGE SQUIRT ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-11-09-2020-Short clip for you guys while we edit some of todays stretch appointment. Hope you feel like youre right there with me @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:[email protected] rd 2 (multi view).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-11-12-2020-Dfw Knight Rd 2 @dfwknight.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-02-2021-Small clip from a date I just had recently. Once we get everything edited Ill send everyone a copy of the "hubbys view of this date.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-03-2020-This was my first ever smoking blowjob Not a really long clip but it shows the first time I lit up in the bedroom and started on what is now .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-05-2020-Getting ready for my first ever bbc.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-05-2021-Stream started at 05 12 2021 01 16 am 5 11 21 Live Feed (gift Q A).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-06-2020-Breed my white married pussy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-06-2021-It was amazing I cant wait to edit all 3 videos for you guys. As soon as I do Ill start posting but in the meantime Ill post bits a.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-06-2021-On our way.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-08-2021-Ok babes.. the (hubbys view) of BBCSLUTWIFE will be in everyone_s inbox in a few available for purchase if you want it now or wait till it r.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-09-2020-Dont worry...I have like 3 4 full videos that are coming soon as always @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-09-2020-GETTING MY BBC FIX (Hubbys view) @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-12-11-2021-A clip from a date that Will be coming yalls way..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-02-2021-When hes hitting that spot ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-05-2020-My first bbc part 1.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-05-2020-Wifes first bbc (short clip).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-06-2020-Black Bred Wife 6 9 2020.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-07-2020-Clip of my bull driving me crazy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-07-2020-Hubby brought home this monster cock for me to enjoy ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-09-2020-Small teaser from the Nightstand GoPro @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-09-2020-Teaser from the other camera angle @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:[email protected] night 2 round 3 clip. Full vid coming soon. Figured Id give you some teasers first ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-13-11-2020-Teaser of Round 3 with this ripped hung bull @areallyweakguy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-04-2020-Smoking toy video alone at home.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-06-2020-Fill Me Up.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-06-2021-BROOKE IS BACK (tripod view clip) should have a full video edited for you babes by tomorrow evening and just like always..I release 3 videos f.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-06-2021-Cant wait for you guys to see what all went is another short clip from BROOKE IS BACK.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-07-2020-Wifes Anniversary Present (edited hubbys view).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-07-2021-SICKNESS FOR THE THICKNESS (hubbys view) @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-08-2021-BBCSLUTWIFE (nightstand view).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-09-2020-GETTING MY BBC FIX (Tripod View) @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-09-2020-Passion @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-10-2020-I had had some black cock already.. but then he came was the first time in my life I felt that feeling of complete fullness. Look .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-14-10-2021-New Orleans Airport (Nightstand View) 1 hr 13 min. @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-15-06-2020-Tripod footage.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-15-06-2021-A small clip from my date with Big Mike yesterday "SICKNESS FOR THE THICKNESS (hubbys view) will be the next series of videos after BR.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-15-06-2021-BROOKE IS BACK (tripod view).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-15-06-2021-My date with Big Mike yesterday. SICKNESS FOR THE THICKNESS (nightstand view) short clip @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-15-08-2021-Ya wanna see a pretty hot moment from my date the other day. Cant wait for yall to see this well over 1 hour video. Its gonna be call.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-15-10-2021-M33t Me In Dallas (Teaser) @dfwknight.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-15-11-2020-Brooklyn Bull Night 2 Round 3 @areallyweakguy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-15-12-2020-Small clip from the other night when I needed some Bbc ASAP. Enjoy the ass jiggle ? @mrgreeneyes.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-16-05-2020-Longer version of me sucking my 1st black bull.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-16-05-2020-My first bbc part 2.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-16-08-2020-That moment when your bull seeds you and hubby cleans you up afterwards like a good boy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-16-09-2020-GETTING MY BBC FIX @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-16-11-2021-Hot Boy (preview) Its about an hr 10 minutes long. I sent it out yesterday to give you the option of seeing it now. If you would like to se.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-16-12-2020-Still editing everything. We now have 3 4K cameras we are filing with. Just trying to to produce the best quality videos for you guys...not th.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-16-12-2021-Here is something we threw together to show you just how naughty my date went Monday. Ive got plenty of other juicy clips to show youz.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-16-12-2021-I love cuming with my bulls..the sounds are ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-17-04-2020-Short teaser of some steamy smoking sex thats coming soon.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-17-05-2020-A smoking custom I did awhile back.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-17-05-2020-My bull working my pussy good last night ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-17-07-2020-Wifes Anniversary Present From Hubby.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-17-08-2021-"Let me show you why I like black Dick. @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-17-11-2021-Hot Boy "nightstand view 1hr 7 min. I cant remember who hit who up first but I know when I seen his pics I was like "I want some of .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-17-12-2020-Just doing what I love to do.. @mrgreeneyes.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-18-07-2021-Just wanted to show another clip or 2 from my date yesterday ? we still have like 6 other full videos to post for you babes in the works. B.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-18-08-2020-Little something we made up of just me being seeded with hubby cleaning up afterwards..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-18-09-2021-BROOKE DFW KNIGHT III (NIGHTSTAND VIEW) @dfwknight.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-18-11-2021-A clip from a recent date. Will be coming your way soon..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-18-12-2020-Built for black (camera 1 of 3) @mrgreeneyes.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-18-12-2020-I just think this is so hot when the Knight pulls out of my cum filled pussy and you can hear it ?. ? @dfwknight.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-18-12-2021-Thank you for having your renewal on and wanting to continue to follow our wild crazy life ? Here is a little more from my date the other n.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-19-01-2021-Just want to give you guys a lil clip of a date I just had. Will be another week at least before we get around to editing and going through al.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-19-06-2021-Clip from a date I had recently I call "SICKNESS FOR THE THICKNESS (hubbys view) this 3 video series will be available soon as well @b.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-19-06-2021-Clip from BROOKE IS BACK (hubbys view) this video will be posted in about a week for free as always but if you just joined recently and did.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-19-08-2021-BBCSLUTWIFE (tripod view).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-19-09-2020-GETTING MY BBC FIX (GoPro) @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-19-10-2021-M33t Me In Dallas (Tripod View) 43 min. Thanks for being great fans and having your rebill on to see all of my future adventures..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-19-12-2021-Black Cock Appreciation Day (nightstand view) 56 min. This is another spitroast I had awhile back. My one bull always likes to get there early.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-20-01-2021-Little teaser of a date I had earlier this week. Still gotta finish uploading the rest of the video series from Anal Tag Team. Ill do that .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-20-07-2020-Hubby and his smoking fetish.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-20-07-2020-This black bull from the gas station up the street probably wasnt expecting this when we asked if he wanted to come back to our place and c.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-20-07-2021-I LOVE CHOCOLATE (Tripod View).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-20-11-2020-Night 2 Round 4 with our friend from Brooklyn @areallyweakguy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-03-2020-My ass.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-04-2020-Steamy smokey sex.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-05-2020-My 1st bbc part 3.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-05-2020-My 1st bbc {camera 2}.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-07-2020-Small clip with my Circle K friend we picked up lol.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-08-2020-Small clip from tonight.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-08-2020-Splash ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-08-2021-Ive been having a lot of people ask about the Airport video and when its coming out. There is so much that happened on this date that is.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-11-2021-Hotboy (multi view) 44 min. Let me know what you think about adding the different angles together for 1 video like this. Hope you enjoy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-21-12-2021-Black Cock Appreciation Day (hubby_s view) 55 min. This was my 2nd spitroast i had awhile back..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-01-2021-Teaser from BEEN MISSING THAT DICK "Hubbys view You guys should have all gotten a message along with the full video in your inbox. For.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-01-2021-When Big Mike seeds my married white pussy @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-02-2021-Bbc Slutwife loves her ass fucked (tripod View).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-04-2020-I think smoking handjobs are becoming one of hubbys favorites..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-07-2020-Wifes Anniversary Present GoPro footage.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-07-2021-Cant wait for you guys to see this 3 video series with @jakdieselbbc ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-08-2020-My pussy finds that lol.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-08-2020-?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-08-2021-THIS AIN_T YOUR PUSSY ANYMORE ...It_s coming soon babes Hubby beats his dick to this one alot lol @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-11-2020-I thoroughly enjoy sucking on fat black pussy gets wet as fuck ? @phaseb277.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-11-2020-Ok guys the panties from last night are already spoken for but just to show you guys exactly what I do for those of you who would love a pair .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-22-12-2020-Built For Black (camera 2 of 3) @mrgreeneyes.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-01-2021-Clip from the 1 hr long "Been Missing that Dick (Hubbys view) It had been about 2 months since I last seen my bull Mike and you can te.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-06-2020-Black Bred Wife (GoPro version).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-06-2021-BROOKE IS BACK (nightstand view) its labeled wrong at the beginning of the video. This is the nightstand view and were not gonna make y.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-06-2021-"Sickness for the thickness (hubbys view) teaser @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-07-2020-Circle K guy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-07-2020-Full vid coming soon.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-07-2020-Playing with them cocks.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-08-2020-This is one of 3 views. Our normal way of filming is we have a final video where we combine the tripod view and hubbys view together. We al.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-08-2021-THIS AINT YOUR PUSSY ANYMORE (hubbys view) will be in your inboxes in a few days for pre release purchase if you want it. The Tripod vie.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-23-10-2021-Hubby threw this together real quick to show you some of the fun from the other day. When he came out the bathroom he seen we had started with.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-24-01-2021-Few pics video clip of me doing one of my favs which is stroking a fat juicy black fucking turns me on so bad ??.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-24-03-2020-Doggie close up smoking sex.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-24-03-2020-Smoking orgasm together.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-24-05-2020-my 1st bbc part 4 final.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-24-06-2021-Hubby cleaning up and getting him a taste during our date. "Sickness for the thickness @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-24-08-2020-Husband Belongs In Chastity.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-24-08-2021-Ill say it loud so everyone in the back can hear..WHITE GIRLS WHO HAVENT GONE BLACK DONT REALIZE WHAT THE FUCK THEY MISSING .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-24-11-2020-Think Im gonna upload one of the finished vids tonight ? @phaseb277.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-01-2021-Ill upload the "nightstand" video from BEEN MISSING THAT DICK tonight for you guys. Here is a clip from it. @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-02-2021-Here it is "hubbys view from my latest date. Hope you guys enjoy it. Cant wait for him to come back in town and I have a few things.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-05-2020-Bull stopped by to see me (short clip).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-05-2020-Giving hubby a lil attention.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-05-2020-Got me some more bbc.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-05-2020-Hubby invites a black bull to our home.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-07-2020-Giving hubby some pussy too.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-07-2020-Smoking Fetish video I found in my found we recorded probably last year ..I stick to a black n mild these days.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-08-2020-Husband belongs in chastity (GoPro view) its not the best footage in the world but we always try to set it up on the end table and just let.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-10-2021-If anyone was wondering how my date went last night...?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-11-2021-Hotboy (tripod view) 1 hr.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-25-12-2021-Cucked is what we are gonna call this date and for good reason. Sharing a bbc with hubby is hot as fuck.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-01-2021-BEEN MISSING THAT DICK (nightstand).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-03-2021-Look how creamy I was ?? @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-05-2020-BULL STOPPED BY THE HOUSE.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-05-2020-My 1st bbc gopro1.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-07-2021-I LOVE CHOCOLATE (hubbys view).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-08-2020-Husband Belongs In Chastity.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-08-2021-For all the one_s who was wondering who flew in awhile back..this is an incredible date as it is always with him... that will be out eventuall.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-08-2021-In celebration of the recent news we are gonna go ahead and release the next date series THIS AIN_T YOUR PUSSY ANYMORE (TRIPOD VIEW) also in.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-10-2020-Clip from Saturday night with https areallyweakguy ???.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-10-2021-I got bbc on my mind.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-10-2021-M33t Me In Dallas (nightstand view) 28 min. This video picks up after the window scene. We had the camera set up looking at the bed not knowin.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-11-2020-Close up of that wet ass pussy ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-11-2020-My mixed Bull Hubbys view @phaseb277.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-26-12-2021-Fifty Shades of Black (multi view) 42 min. This bull is becoming a local favorite of mine. Very tall, really good looking and just a very laid.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-27-03-2020-Short clip from an upcoming smoking video where we wear leather and do a little naughty biker chic scenario..mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-27-03-2021-Think I will name this date "His soon as we get time to edit all the videos we will send a copy of "hubbys view to all .mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-27-04-2020-Smoking handjob tonight for hubby.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-27-05-2021-Went outside earlier to see what my hubby was doing with his race car and of course he had to pick up his phone and start filming my ass as us.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-27-08-2020-FILL THAT PUSSY UP (CLIP).mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-27-09-2021-Laying That Pipe (Tripod View) 51 min. My friend was passing through town and wanted to see me. Just so happen I was free and got dressed as f.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-27-10-2021-Labor Day Spitroast (nightstand view) Teaser Its almost that time..?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-28-04-2020-Quickie Smoking sex before bed longer version.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-28-04-2020-Smoking pussy play by myself.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-28-07-2020-Cant wait to see a black cock disappear inside this married white pussy in a few days ..Come on Wednesday Thursday ... And if my shit a.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-28-10-2020-Brooklyn Bull (round 1) Tripod view @areallyweakguy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-28-10-2020-Oh he fine and fucks me so good ?? @areallyweakguy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-28-10-2021-Just to let you know Im in the process of organizing the short and long videos into separate sections. You may have noticed the tabs. Im.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-28-10-2021-Labor Day Spitroast (nightstand view) 1hr run time This is 1 of 3 cameras used to film my date with these two bulls. Thank you for having your.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-29-07-2021-Little clip from my date yesterday with @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-29-10-2020-Clip from Rd 1 @areallyweakguy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-29-11-2020-Mixed Bull Tripod view @phaseb277.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-30-01-2021-BEEN MISSING THAT DICK (TRIPOD VIEW) FULL VIDEO @bigblackdik1979.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-30-03-2021-For those of you who purchased the pre release of His Pussy "hubbys view I hope you enjoyed it and continue to enjoy it ? will be p.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-30-07-2020-Whats going down right now and the rest of the day ?.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-30-08-2021-My local bull "B Ill call him..has a nice long 10.5 cock. I love when he fills me with his seed cause he shoots it deep inside of m.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-30-09-2020-Some ass.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-30-10-2020-Brooklyn Bull Rd 1 (hubbys view) @areallyweakguy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-30-10-2021-M33t Me In Dallas (Hubbys View) 42 min. @dfwknight.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-31-01-2021-Teaser vid from a date I just had that Id like to call "THE GENTLEMAN The full hubbys view version Ill send to you guys inbox.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-31-03-2021-Hubby took a scene out of my latest video and played with it some ? Hope you guys enjoyed the video I sent everyone.. "tripod view wil.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-31-07-2020-Black guys just fuck so good.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-31-07-2020-Sucking on this bad boy.mp4
Flyfiles Video:hotwife_brookeblaze-31-08-2021-Post op this morning.mp4
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